Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Imaginary Books (1)

Here is part I of a list of imaginary books that I have found particularly illuminating. (Imaginary books that have impacted me greatly--or, if I really wanted to come down a few pegs: imaginary books that have been very impactful.) As you surely know, reading of imaginary books is a much faster process than reading of real ones. Some of these may, perhaps, be written one day--you might guess which I think those might be. In the 19th century and before, books, at least non-fiction, tended to have long, minutely descriptive titles; I wonder if it was quite as easy to get away with publishing totally ridiculous musings then as it seems now. In time, I plan both to extend the list and provide synopses and short commentary on some of them. (Note: Some of these might be real books :)

Ass Consciousness.

The Bizarre Madman at the Table.

That Grandeur and Servitude of Arms.

Sweating Through Dry Skin Itches Terribly.

"I'll Give You My Virginity" and Other Preposterous Aquisitive Metaphors for Living.


Youth is the Time of Life When Hot Pink Boots Seem Like a Reasonable Thing to Wear to School: the Joy of Defining Things Precisely.

Score One for the 'Bot: A Memoir.

Despair: The "Anxiety" of the Twenty-First Century.

Yesterday We Hated You, Today We Don't. The Lies We Live With.

The Quest for True Statements.

Future = Conan the Barbarian * Thunderdome.