Thursday, May 25, 2006


Could we just get something straight? Nothing that happens in the universe at any time, except for miracles, is unnatural. If the universe is not shoddily made, then nothing happens in contradiction to nature. Unless you're possessed, your behavior is not unnatural. 'Kay?


If there is an "order," and I changed it or broke it, then it was not the "natural" order.


If you think something is a sin precisely because it is "against the natural order," then you are wrong.

As you were.

Monday, May 15, 2006


Has anyone else noticed that we are, in the form of sending National guardsmen to the southern border, about to experience a long term deployment of military assets within the United States? Maybe I'm the only one paranoid enough to be disturbed by this. However, I recall the initial deployment to South Vietnam being pretty small--and when you already have forces deployed, we've learned, you don't have to talk about deployment anymore if you want to increase the force size; you probably won't have to have any consultation about to speak of. Brilliant.