Saturday, July 02, 2005

Business plan

In some other electronic venue which demanded a succinct characterization of the author, I was once said of myself, "I study mathematical logic and theoretical computer science, but I haven't made my peace with not being rich." I've also described myself as a theoretical entrepreneur. Along those lines, I thought I would share one of my most successful imaginary business plan to date: Obsolete Solutions. I can provide devastatingly efficient solutions to problems that have already been solved or have long since been rendered obsolete. For example,

The solar-powered emergency car battery: Driving a car manufactured before, say, 1995, you must have encountered this problem. In the morning, when you were driving to work, it was raining, so you turned your headlights on, like any safe driver, but arriving at work, it was daytime of course, so it didn't occur to you turn your headlights off again. And returning to the parking lot, where your car sits lonely (because you're such a diligent professional, everyone else has gone home long ago), and now impotent, there's no one around to curse you, let alone give you a jump. Do you call AAA? Nah, you go to the trunk to get your solar-charged emergency batter, which you were clever enough to have charged over the weekend, cost-free. Problem solved... as long as you don't fuck it up somehow.

(Actually, I thought this device would be an interesting way to introduce solar-powered devices into the mainstream, as a reasonable technology, as opposed to futuristic pie in the sky. I think that's one of the big difficulties in shifting patterns of energy consumption.)

Reducing the World War I era salient: Next time you're a WWI general faced with an inconvenient bump in your trenchworks, I'm your guy. I can smooth out the line with minimal loss of life, preferably with tanks, but I can do without.

More to come... Big, big money...