Friday, April 28, 2006

Poor Attila

Take a look:

Feder’s proud of his bigotry. Take a look at this from his bio:

I’m to the right of Sharon on Zionism, to the right of Pat Buchanan on immigration and Americanism, to the right of Mother Angelica on abortion, to the right of Chuck Heston on Second-Amendment rights, and generally make the legendary Atilla look like a limousine liberal.

These people are sick. They have no idea what family values are.

Why does everyone claim that Atilla the Hun was conservative? I haven't really got a problem with day-to-day anachronisms, in general, but this one is awfully common and remarkably wrongheaded. I have no idea what "I'm too the right of Atilla the Hun" should mean if it's something different from "I'm too the right of [pre-modern person select uniformly at random]." I think I must have missed the meeting where conservatives started identifying conservatism with conquest and merciless slaughter and pillage.