Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Imaginary Books (4)

Here's some more, and some of them were gifts. You should take a look at Tyson's offerings in the comments to the last imaginary books post; at least one of them almost made me fall out of my chair.

Mickey Mouse is a Rat: Disney and the Mob

Operators Manual for the Motorola 83V, Digital Phallus Modulator for Male Creatures

A Study of Links Between Asthmatic Symptoms and Uncontrolled Cuticle Growth from the J. of Statistical Holistic Medicine, 1977.

Rectilinear Approximations to Female Libido Outperform Maximum Likelihood Models from the Bulletin of the Psychistorical Modeling, 2007.

The Deeper Meaning of =

When I was on Fire

Set a Man on Fire, and He'll be Warm for the Rest of His Life